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Welcome to the NSW Seahorse Society

What is the Seahorse Society?

The Seahorse Society of New South Wales is a non-profit social and support organisation for cross-dressers and transgender people. It is the longest running and best-known organisation of its type in Australia, having begun in 1971.

Why the name "Seahorse"?

The name "Seahorse" was adopted because "it is a rather delightful creature, a trifle slow but with graceful movement and quiet dignity" and because of its "combination, at times, of both gender roles."

What are Seahorse's aims?

The Society's aims are to bring cross-dressers and transgender people together socially in a safe venue, to provide mutual support for them, their partners and families, and to promote a better understanding of these issues to the wider community.

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Would you like to join Seahorse?

To join Seahorse Society, by mail or using our confidential on-line application form:

What is Seahorse's history?

The Seahorse Club, it was founded in 1971 by cross-dressers who wished to share their interests with like-minded people. Initially Australia wide, the club quickly grew and eventually each state formed their own branch. The N.S.W. branch was incorporated in 1990.

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What's New at Seahorse?

Latest News Items

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What is on this website?

This website has lots of information about the Seahorse Society's activities and about cross-dressing generally.
Below is a list of the main sections of this website. A complete list of current webpages is available on the Site Map

Main Sections


Main Section: Includes Seahorse events, our aims, how to join Seahorse, how to contact Seahorse, and much more, listed below.

Resources Section: Includes shopping guide, makeup tips, articles, library, guidelines & getting help.

Members Section: Password-protected access to our magazines, events photos & Committee minutes.

Partners Section: Advice & support for partners and family of cross-dressers.

What's on?


News Items: Items relevant to members including website updates.

Events: Seahorse Events and other CD/TG events held in NSW.

Our Calendar: On-line calendar contains our events and other CD/TG organisations.



Contact Page: How to contact us by mail, phone or email.

Email List: Members can join the email list to get the news & an electronic copy of the Magazine.

Seahorse Forum: Discuss cross-dressing & transgender issues in our Forum.

And much more...


Our FAQs Pages: Frequently asked questions: cross-dressing; going out in public; joining Seahorse.

Links to our Sister Organisations: Organisations throughout Australia and the World.

Sponsors' Page: Details of our very generous sponsors.

Payments Page: How to pay your subscription or to buy tickets on-line for Seahorse events.

Site Map: A list of all the webpages on this site.

Search: Search the Seahorse website.

Privacy: Read our privacy statement.


This site does NOT contain explicit or offensive material. This site is safe to browse for people who are interested in understanding more about cross-dressing and transgender issues and who would like to find out more about transgender activities in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.

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Main Sections: 


What's on?

Latest News Items
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