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Welcome to The Seahorse Society of N.S.W. Inc.

The main aims of the Society are:


1. To bring cross-dressers together socially...


...fostering good will and enabling all of us to draw on each other's strengths and experiences. The Society's main function is a social support group. It focuses on helping cross-dressers to meet socially with like-minded people.


2. To provide a venue for members and their invited guests...


...including wives and partners and family members, where they can meet in a safe and comfortable environment. The Society holds meetings once a month at hired premises in Sydney, and also organizes other social events, such as restaurant nights, harbour cruises and the yearly Seahorse Ball. Other benefits to members include a monthly magazine and access to a library of books and videos.


3. To give support to cross-dressers and to their wives, partners, family and friends...


...who maybe having difficulty or experiencing the many emotional and social problems associated with this phenomenon.


4. To promote and give a better understanding of cross dressing in society generally... providing information not only for members, but for the general mainstream people of the wider community outside the Seahorse Society when requested.


5. To encourage active communication between the members and the committee... to the directions and activities that the members would like to develop for the rest of the membership.




  • This site does NOT contain explicit or offensive material. This site is safe to browse for people who are interested in understanding more about cross-dressing and transgender issues and who would like to find out more about transgender activities in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.