Information about Seahorse

Some questions that you may have about our organisation.

What is the Seahorse Society?

The Seahorse Society of NSW is a social and support organisation for cross-dressers & transgender people, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We are NOT a dating or sexual contact service.

What are Seahorses aims?

To bring cross-dressers & transgender people together socially in a safe venue; provide support for them, their partners & families, and promote better understanding to the wider community.

Would you like to join Seahorse?

To find out how to join Seahorse Society.

Would you like to contact Seahorse?

You can contact us by email, phone or mail.

Why the name "Seahorse"?

The name "Seahorse" was adopted as "it is a rather delightful creature, with graceful movement & quiet dignity" and also because of its combination, at times, of both gender roles.

What is Seahorses history?

The Seahorse Club, it was founded in 1971 by cross-dressers who wished to share their interests with like-minded people. It is the oldest existing organisation of its type in Australia.

The Seahorse News Column

All the latest Seahorse news items and upcoming events.
Updated: Sunday,6th May, 2018.

Seahorse Ball 2018

This year's Seahorse Ball will not be held, the committee was unable to locate a volunteer to organise the event.

The Committee has decided to place more emphasis on a bigger and better Christmas party this year. The Committee is sorry for any inconvenience this will cause the members.

Technical problem with the website

Due to the recent demise of Christine, we have had difficulty transferring the site to another member and therefore we have been unable to update the site. The issue has been fixed. It will take some time to update all the missing content.

The committee apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Membership Fees are now over-due.
Please stay financial & support Seahorse!

Annual Membership fees are overdue. They remain $50.00 per year. Please pay as soon as possible.

Payment methods:

* Pay at Social Meetings (members only).
* Pay by mail: Send cheque or money order to:
PO Box 2193, Boronia Park, NSW 2111
* Pay by bank transfer/direct deposit:
Westpac, Gordon, NSW: BSB:032-083 A/C No:166511

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Seahorse Society of NSW Inc will be held at the meeting room on Friday 25th of May 2018. A major section of the committee will not be standing this year so now it is your time to have a say in how the organisation is run. Please consider standing for a position on the committee at the upcoming meeting. Also remember that only financial member can vote.

Seahorse Forum

The Forum is open all members of the trans-community, as well as partners and friends, and anyone wanting to discuss cross-dressing and trans-issues. Drop in, register and then begin to post:

Full list of Seahorse events in 2018:

This includes the following:
* Monthly Social Meetings & Committee Meetings.
* Yearly Seahorse Ball, City-Country Get-togethers & Xmas Party.
For more details:

Seahorse Calendar:

Is being updated with all this years Seahorse events.

What is on this website?

This website has lots of information about the Seahorse Society, its aims and its activities and about cross-dressing generally.

Below is a list of the contents of the main sections of this website.

The Main Section:

Seahorse Forum: Discuss cross-dressing & transgender issues in our Forum.

Events: Seahorse Events and other CD/TG events held in NSW.

Christmas Party Harbour Cruise: Details of this event.

Seahorse Ball: An invitation to the famous Seahorse Ball.

Our Calendar: On-line calendar contains our events and other CD/TG organisations.

Joining Seahorse: How to apply for membership with Seahorse.

Contact Page: How to contact us by mail, phone or email.

Email List: Members can join the email list to get the news & an electronic copy of the Magazine.

Our FAQs Pages: Frequently asked questions: cross-dressing; going out in public; joining Seahorse.

Links to our Sister Organisations: Organisations throughout Australia and the World.

Sponsors Page: Details of our very generous sponsors.

Payments Page: How to pay your subscription or to buy tickets on-line for Seahorse events.

Site Map: A list of all the webpages on this site.

Search: Search the Seahorse website.

Privacy: Read our privacy statement.

Seahorse Statistics: Data about Seahorse membership

The Resources Section:


Resources Index Page

Cross-dressing Guide: Seahorses Guide to CD-friendly shopping places, services & venues.

Makeup Tips for Beginners: An article that covers the basics of skin care and makeup.

Articles: A series of articles on a variety of topics, most related to cross-dressing.

Members Guidelines: The guidelines that should be practiced by all members.

Getting Help: A list of useful links to access help for transgender and associated issues.

Seahorse Library: Some excellent reference readings for members and partners of cross-dressers.

Seahorse Life Members: This page honours our four Life Members: Rosemary, Jill, Phia and Julia.

Seahorse Committee: Committee members are elected each May at the Annual General Meeting.

Past Seahorse Presidents: A list of all known past Presidents and their years of tenure.

Seahorse Rules: All the rules of the Seahorse Society, regarding the running of the organisation.

The Members Section:

Members Login Page: Only current financial Seahorse Members can access this section.

New Members FAQ: Answers to questions new members may have about Seahorse social meetings.

Seahorse Magazines: Access back copies of the Seahorse magazines

Photos from Seahorse events: Access photos from Seahorse Balls and other Seahorse events.

Seahorse Committee Meetings: Minutes from their meetings dating from April 2008.

Archive of Seahorse Email Newsletters: Monthly emails sent out by Christine about Seahorse matters.

The Partners Section:

Partners Section Index Page: The Seahorse Society can offer support to partners in a variety of ways.

Partners Support Program: Contact our Partner Support.

Family issues: Important issues that come up for a family when someone comes out as a cross-dresser.

Charter of partners rights: Looks at both partners and cross-dressers rights.

Helpful Resources: Some good books and articles for partner.


This site does NOT contain explicit or offensive material. This site is safe to browse for people who are interested in understanding more about cross-dressing and transgender issues and who would like to find out more about transgender activities in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.

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