Interesting phone call

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Interesting phone call

Postby tarawb » August 2nd, 2017, 11:14 am

at one of our previous meetings my wife Lisa attended the meeting with me. At this meeting she met a lady who we shall call Jane Doe. Lisa and Jane had a good discussion that lasted for hours as Jane was not getting support from her partner. Lisa then provided Jane with her contact details.

So fast forward to today and we just received a call from Jane to update us on how she is going and to let us know she will try and make it to a meeting however she is having problems justifying it to her partner for reasons she has disclosed to us. So we have had discussions about Lisa and I coming down to Sydney so we can meet up with Jane at a more suitable time.

Totally awesome way to start our day by getting a phone call from a trans sister that probably needed a virtual hug.

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