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The marriage survey mess

Posted: August 17th, 2017, 12:06 pm
by tarawb
Hi Peeps,

Yes I am calling the marriage survey a mess, this has morphed into an attack on freedom of speech, religion and who knows what else has been tacked into this cruel attack on the queer community.

Most of you will know I am an out and proud trans peep, I attend rallies, write to members of parliament, respond to trolls and misinformation online and educate those around me about trans issues. I have answered very personal questions about my life for people I know are genuinely wanting to learn about our journey and support us.

We have had a prime minister defend his ministers who feel they have the right to call us child groomers. Robert Simms was in the senate and is a big supporter of queer issues and he was attacked in parliament for this.

It would be lovely if everyone in our community educated yourself on what is happening, the NO camp is well organised and they are going after us with every dirty trick in the book. Nothing gets people fired up more than the thoughts of children being abused by the queer community. This may be hard for some of you who are dealing with personal issues, for those you can still support the community by giving support to your fellow seahorse peeps.

I have taken a strong stand on this, especially over my family supporting anti queer politicians etc. Because of this issue I have terminated the relation I have with my parents and a number of relatives. The relationship I have with my family is now so terminal it will never be repaired, it hurts me that it happened however I was bullied into defending myself.

So peeps are you going to get involved or are you going to allow the right winged freaks to squash our freedoms and that of future generations. The choice is yours. You can add me as a friend on facebook or like me on twitter to see what I am posting. Given the nature of the attacks we are not pulling punches and we are going for maximum impact, we are tired of being nice, the generations before us thought for our rights we now enjoy, it is time to honor their sacrifice so it was not for nothing.


Re: The marriage survey mess

Posted: August 17th, 2017, 12:35 pm
by tarawb
Yes I have been attacked, my parents have called my transition a joke and they are angry with me for being so stupid. I have been called selfish for not respecting my parents after they supported trans hating politicians.

I have had people I know post on facebook that I need my sexual organs removed with a rubber band and I need to have my face rearranged for going to the toilet.

I have had comments on twitter that I am encouraging mates to stick their penises up their mates bums.

Yes I have some skin in this fight and I am taking it personally.

Re: The marriage survey mess

Posted: August 17th, 2017, 2:39 pm
by tarawb
This is one of the cancers we are dealing with as a queer community, people like her feel like its their responsibility to eradicate the queer community, she does not like that we are taking her on. The queer community as asking all of our family to come in and help us by making these cancers accountable for the damage they are doing.

Re: The marriage survey mess

Posted: September 6th, 2017, 11:18 pm
by tarawb
Quick update on this topic.

Thursday 7th September 2.15pm or 14.15 depending on your point of view the High Court decisions should be handed down, I am not sure how long before we get the full written decision.

Last week I woke up to see a message on twitter to see a message from a trans peep that had been posted an hour before saying the person was going to take their own life due to the SSM debate and the hate messages from the Australian Christian Lobby and others. No one else had replied so for the next hour I tried to get the person to talk to me as I tried to find some government service I could find to get involved. I was unable to get any help from government however the person did get back to me to say they were getting help. I have been in contact a number of times with the individual since as the person was having problems reaching out to the trans community.

I have also been talking to another trans peep who is early in her transition and providing support. I let her know about our happy group and I believe she has made an application to join.

We have had the #NO camp crying on the ABC that the queers are harassing them and they feel targeted, the response so far from the queer community is do you need a box of tissues and a violin. We are getting the normal troll comments such as we are a freak show, us trans chicks are just men in dresses and it gets more disgusting from there.

I did notice a NSW school teacher sticking the boot into the queer community today and said they do not like their job, so I was a good trans chick and passed on the post and the location of the teacher to the NSW department of education. Will be interesting to see how long it takes Mark Latham to claim I have targeted him. There is a Christian group with a list of queer people they hate and I have been privileged to be added to the list. I would like to than the people who nominated me, my peeps, the judges and Pauline Pantsdown. I will value this award. Maybe I should rub this award in my parents face, when we get SSM I will see if some Drag Queens in Wagga will give my parents a visit. Now that will be an awesome Birthday present in October.

Our Glitter fun with the Australian Christian Lobby went OK and for most part people get it to glitter however some people did make an extra special effort. Getup did send Glitter to all the Liberal politicians and for most part that went well until one office called in the hazmat team, oooops, no sense of humer. I also think someone was sending Talcum powder in the mail which also did not go down well.

Please remember to watch out for everyone, if our high court decision comes down in our favor be prepared for a major retaliation from the Christian extremist. The Christian extremist have enough money and connections to blow away any transgender rights we now have and they have a state and federal government who would rather transgender people went back in the closet.