Joining the Seahorse Society

Applying for membership by mail
  • Step One - Download and print out the application form

    Application Form (PDF)

  • Step Two - Work out your subscription

    The annual subscription is $50, due on 1st March each year.
    A pro-rata subscription should be included with your application as shown in the table below.

    Month of payment

    Pro-rata Subscription














    Membership valid until 1st March the following year

    Subscriptions can be paid by:

    1. Sending a cheque
    2. Sending a money order
    3. Paying online using Bank transfer or direct deposit.
    4. Please do not send cash.

    Subscriptions will only be refunded if you have an induction interview and you either withdraw your application or your application is unsuccessful.

  • Step Three - Send the application and subscription:

    Post it to:
    Membership Secretary
    PO Box 6179
    West Gosford, NSW 2250

  • Step Four - Making contact with the Seahorse Membership Secretary

    After you have applied for membership, our Membership Secretary will contact you to organise an informal induction interview (phone, email or face-to-face) to complete your application and to explain more about the Society. Once you have been accepted as a member you will be given the address of our meeting place and will be able to attend our meetings.

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